Carbalicious Smoothie

Okay, so maybe I built up my breakfast a little too much in my post last night.  I was excited, whaddayouwant?  It’s just a smoothie.  But there’s an extra ingredient that I’m hoping might solve my smoothie crisis.  See, I love smoothies, but they don’t keep me full.  Even when I make sure to add protein like yogurt or peanut butter, after about an hour and a half I’m ravenous again.  And I make big smoothies, so it’s not for lack of calories.  Recently I saw a “banana bread smoothie” on someone’s blog (I really need to start keeping notes on these so I can link), and there were oats in it!  Silly me, it had never ever crossed my mind to put grains in a smoothie.  If the blender can pulverize ice, it can surely do oats, right?  So last night I put some oats in almond milk to soak overnight, and chunked the fruit into the blender so that this morning all I had to do was whizz it up.


The fruit ingredients were mango, kiwi, pineapple and strawberry.  They were so ripe and sweet that it definitely needed no extra sweetener.  I could taste the oats but they weren’t overpowering, and the smoothie had what I might call a toothsome feel, I chewed each sip just a bit before swallowing.  I don’t mind a thick smoothie though.

It’s been just over an hour and a half and I’m feeling a bit hungry, but not any more than I would having eaten a “normal” breakfast like cereal, so I think I can call this one a success.  I’ve got a strawberry shortcake smoothie in mind for tomorrow.



  1. Romina said

    Mmm, oats in a smoothie are fantastic! There’s a “Breakfast Smoothie” at Jugo Juice that has oats in it. I always thought it was a neat idea.

    Have you tried adding protein powder? I use Hemp Protein Powder in mine, and I’m full for hours!

  2. Jennifer said

    What a great idea adding oats to a smoothie. The hunger about an hour after drinking a smoothie is what keeps me from having them more. They are delicious.

    I really wish I had a blender. I could totally whip up some awesome smoothies.

    Don’t feel bad about not taking down where you get ideas from. This happens to me all the time, I’ll take down a recipe on a note pad, add my notes (’cause I can never just make a recipe ‘as is’) and then forget where I got it from!

  3. Good idea! I have the same problem with smoothies. Love ’em, but it’s just not enough. When I do have them, it’s usually as a snack rather than a meal because, well, I’m a big eater and I’m hungry pretty much all the time. I’ll try adding oats next time!

  4. ashley 79 said

    What a great idea! I’m sure the oats make the smoothie super thick and delicious

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