Hot Sauce Glazed Tempeh & Herbed Millet

After a weekend away from home I was in serious need of a quick trip to the grocery store.  I went a little nuts with the fruit since I hadn’t bought any fresh fruit in a while.  I didn’t want to spend much more than $15, and this came to $16 and change, so it was okay.


The mango, kale and peach are organic.  The grains are millet.  The two orange things in front are apriums, a mix of apricots and plums.  Weird, but cute and not expensive, so I had to try.

I’ve wanted to try millet for a while.  I’ve had gluten-free millet bread and liked the flavor, so I was pretty sure I’d like it.  I knew there was a recipe for Mexi-Millet in VCON and planned to try it along with Hot Sauce Glazed Tempeh, but at the last minute changed my mind and went for a more simple treatment for my first time.  Most times I am only up for one new recipe a weeknight.

I cooked the millet with a touch of olive oil and chicken broth powder, then added sauteed leeks, chopped parsley and lemon zest.  The flavors went perfectly with the millet, as I suspected.

hot sauce glazed tempeh

I was worried the tempeh would be really hot, but the spice mellowed out with grilling.  It perfectly fulfilled my need for tempeh.  I cut it in thinner slices than the directions dictated, for more marinated surface and to make it stretch further.  Steamed kale shared the plate.  This was a nice, light, well-rounded dinner, just what I wanted after a weekend of eating and drinking a bit too much.


  1. Celine said

    now I’m craving tempeh!

  2. Cyn said

    I love meals like this, with a clearly defined grain, protein and veggie. They always seem so wholesome and yet semi-fancy to me.

  3. Jennifer said

    Love all the fruit from your grocery store run, how did the hybrid fruit taste? I always love hearing how these odd crosses of fruit taste. Have you ever had a Saturn peach? Really weird looking, but SO GOOD, I wish I could find them organic. 😦

    I really like millet but always forget about it. I have some in my pantry right now that probably needs to be eaten. I love your spin on it.

  4. VeggieGirl said

    herbed millet??? yum!!

  5. I love that Hot Glazed Tempeh recipe! I had to broil mine when I made it b/c, at the time, it was too cold outside for grilling. But I’d like to try it again soon now that it’s grillin’ season. And that millet looks super-yummy! I love millet.

  6. melody said

    What a perfect meal! I love using lemon zest in foods.. it is such a great flavor packed ingredient.

  7. Apriums? Hehe sounds cute. I love discovering new fruits. And your meal looks perfect, especially with the herbed millet.

  8. Janeen said

    Herbed millet sounds fab. I will be trying that.

    I’ve been eating those millet/zucchini flatbreads from Wards – they make great individual pizza crusts for a quick dinner. Just an idea!

  9. atxvegn said

    What a lovely meal! How did you like the apriums? If you see pluots, try those too. They are also apricot/plum, but look more like a plum. Don’t you love the summer produce?!!

  10. veganhomemade said

    The apruim tasted kind of just like it sounds, an apricot with plum flavor. It was pretty good but I think in the future I’d rather just have an apricot as I felt like the plum flavor muted it a little.

    Jennifer, I think most of the peaches we get here are straight from Georgia. I’ve never heard of a Saturn peach, but I just looked it up and they ARE funny looking. Kind of like a peach mated with a squat tomato or something.

    Bianca, I don’t have a real grill (they reside at bf’s house), so I use a grill pan. Yeah, I can use it year-round, but it makes my kitchen really hot!

    Diann, I actually saw pluots at the farmers market yesterday and was wondering what the difference was. I suppose whichever fruit name fragment comes first is the more dominant flavor?

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