Win Burritos

I wasn’t planning to blog dinner tonight – it was the kind of meal that came together in 20 minutes, plus I wasn’t feeling well.  But I made a major food breakthrough – I FINALLY MADE BURRITOS THAT DIDN’T FALL APART!  I know I’m consistently guilty of overstuffing burritos and wraps, so tonight I made two burritos with the filling that I normally would’ve put in one.  (The soft taco-sized tortillas are only 76 calories each, so it wasn’t any worse than one big burrito.)  I also lightly cooked each side on a griddle, which helps to seal it so much and also wilts the green stuff nicely.

These burritos included everything in the fridge that I saw fit:  fajita style peppers, mushrooms and onions, brown rice, scallions, cilantro, spinach, salsa, jalapeno salsa and Teese.  I ate them with quicky guacamole and lettuce.


Check out my wrap and roll.


I’m really starting to think that other people might pay to eat my food someday, especially if I can keep learning these little tricks that make things just a bit more special.


  1. VeggieGirl said

    As someone who ALWAYS overstuffs her burritos, I am DEFINITELY in awe of your burrito-wrapping skills – bravo!!

  2. michiko280 said

    Wow… they look sooo perfectly wrapped and delicious!

  3. Wow! I’m so impressed… not only because you didn’t overstuff the burritos, haha, but because the pictures look so great! Where did you learn all these tricks?!

  4. Jennifer said

    Isn’t it wonderful just toasting the tortillas a little bit. It gives them an extra dose of flavor, but more importantly, they stay together. I used to overstuff my burritos all the time!

  5. I would totally pay for one of those burritos! Even though it’s 8:00 in the morning, I would pay for one right now! 😉

    Re: the Annie’s Dressing – I was so excited to get those because I had not tried the Goddess dressing yet. I think the girl at the Annie’s booth thought I was nuts I was so excited!

  6. You are quite the burrito wrapper – they look snazzy, especially with the lovely golden marks from the griddle. I never make myself burritos, but this makes me want to!

  7. ashley 79 said

    Congrats on your burrito success! They look delicious

  8. melisser said

    Those look GOOD! My burritos always fall apart.

  9. Michelle said

    Those are some great lookin green burritos! I’m also a fan of the post-roll tortilla crisping, it makes it look so good.

  10. Liz² said

    my burritos are always a mess, yours look perfect! and rice in a burrito, oooh, yum.

  11. Great job. Those look professional!

  12. sarchan said

    I am guilty of overstuffing as well. Those look lovely, and I need to cave in and order some Teese already.

  13. FOOD TRANCE! << said

    grilled burritos are god like.

    that is one of my staple lunches.

    ur fillings look awesome! not your teeth, but the burritos!


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