Bloggy Survey

Hooray Vegan put this up on her blog, and she says it’s way less lame than myspace surveys, and there is absolutely nothing for me to do here at work, and so I’m doing it.

1. Favorite store bought vegan cookie?
Liz Lovely’s Cowgirl Cookie.  Although they’re a bit pricey and calorie-tastic, so in reality I’m much more likely to actually buy Newman-O’s Hint O’ Mint.

2. Favorite vegan cake or cupcake recipe?
The basic chocolate recipe in VCTOTW is my go to, although I’m hoping to get crazy with cakes for my birthday in a couple of weeks.

3. Bunnies: are they the best or what?
I prefer polar bears.  Bunnies are pretty awesome though.

4. Top three favorite vegan food blogs?
Scrolling through my blogroll, A Vegan For Dinner, Fat Free Vegan, Vegan Dad, and Vegan Yum Yum jumped out at me.  There were four, so you get four.

5. Do you listen to music when you cook? If so, what’s usually on the playlist?
No, I have the tv on in the living room to listen to.

6. Vegan celebrity you’d most like to have lunch with?
Joaquin Phoenix.

7. Best vegan meal that you didn’t cook yourself? (I am looking for homemade here, but restaurants are okay too).
Anything my parents have made with me in mind – dad’s stirfries with seasoned rice, mom’s spaghetti or apple pie.  For restaurant meals I’d have to vote for a falafel hummus pita and fries from Gyro Plus or any veggie sushi.

8. Favorite recipe featuring avocados?
Guac and chips.

9. Favorite vegan comfort food?
Peanut Butter on toast.  Mac and cheese.  Or plain saltines and orange Gatorade when I’m sick.

10. What is for dinner tonight?
Going out to a mexican restaurant – probably chips and salsa, veggie burrito, beans and rice, and a beer.

Now I’m really hungry!


  1. Celine said

    your birthday is in a couple of weeks? mine too! what’s the date?

  2. veganhomemade said

    May 15th is the date of my birth, it falls on a Thursday this year so I think I’m dedicating the entire weekend to myself.

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