Sunday Grilling

Bf and I invited some people over yesterday, grilled, and watched a ridiculous amount of sports on tv.  We tried to do something special with the corn – bf half shucked it, I drizzled on a chili lime mixture (lime juice, chili powder, cholula seasoning, salt & sugar), then we zipped the husks back up.  Most of it came off while grilling, but the corn was really delicious in a subtly different way than normal, so I like to think we had something to do with it.  The grill marks were very nice, at least.

grilled corn

I prepped the potatoes – I cut them pretty small and made the layer thin to try to get them to crisp up.  It didn’t work, but they tasted good.  Still trying to figure out how to acheive crispy browned grilled potatoes without adding too much extra oil.

grilled potatoes

Bf marinated some mushrooms, and he seems to have the same issue with marinades that I do.  They tasted okay, but not great.  We’ll figure it out eventually.

grilled mushrooms

Here’s my plate, with baked beans.

grilled dinner

I had leftovers for lunch, and went to the grocery store after work.


The greens in the bags are dandelion greens, scallions and parsley, and from the bulk section is red lentils, sesame sticks and walnuts.  I’m most excited to try the pumpkin chips and the Annie’s Woodstock Dressing.


  1. Jennifer said

    Yum all that grilled goodness! Sounds like a fantastic meal! Perhaps you should baste the corn with the marniade while they grill as well, perhaps that would up the flavor.

    Your groceries look super tasty, can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  2. melisser said

    I can’t wait to grill some corn this summer! Yours looks fabulous, as does your plate with all the fixins!

  3. ashley 79 said

    Fresh corn is probably one of my favorite parts of summer (and fresh berries, of course). Your grilled corn looks especially delicious!

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