Grillin’ Leftovers

BF and I like to grill on Sundays, and sometimes Saturdays and Fridays.  It’s a nice relaxing way to cook up some food and get outside, especially right before the week starts again.  More often than not, I’ll go with veggie burgers or dogs that can plop right on the grill with no prep, especially if everyone else is having burgers or dogs and I don’t want to feel left out.  Last Sunday we went to the store and bought food for both lunch and dinner, so I had quick veggie burgers for lunch and wanted to do something a little more involved for dinner.  And by involved I mean marinated.  I’ve not become a marinade expert yet, especially because most of the time I prepare them at bf’s house and their pantry is stocked quite differently than mine.  For our portobellos I used balsamic, soy sauce, olive oil and Coke.  It was sitting there on the counter so I went crazy and threw it in instead of sugar.  The mushrooms turned out good, but not great.  My marinades always taste a little flat.  Have any go-to marinade combinations that always work?

Here is the meal, as reheated the next night.

grilled tempeh

The potatoes were roasted.  BF likes to do everything on the grill when we grill, but potatoes take a lot of time and space, so in the name of practicality I insisted on roasting them.  I marinated the tempeh in a spicy sauce loosely based on the DEOTS tempeh wingz – 2 parts ketchup, 1 part hot sauce, 1 part mustard and a splash of olive oil.  It tasted good but the tempeh was dry in the middle, I probably should’ve sliced it in half horizontally for thinner pieces.  I probably also should’ve not cut the pieces so small, so bf didn’t have to be so vigilant about not dropping them through the grates!  He did an excellent job, and even tried a bite of tempeh.



  1. Jennifer said

    I’m loving the mushrooms and roasted potatoes. I am trying desperately to get my fajita marinde down. There always seems to be ‘something’ missing, like it could be better, and I am getting closer, but am not quite there yet.

  2. I have to admit it, I hate grilling… I have to grill before the meat comes, because meat chunks and fat are everywhere, so I have to eat alone, and my veggies are usually not evenly roasted, and everything’s crap, but hey, next time I might bring some tempeh with me…

  3. Bonnie said

    I never use a marinade for anything, partly because I don’t have the patience or ability to plan ahead that it takes to marinate something, but also because I don’t really know how to make one. I know I liked the DEOTS wingz, though, so maybe I’ll try that marinade you talk about! It all looks very yummy.

  4. veganhomemade said

    Alice – I hear ya. It can get a little gross on the grill sometimes. My bf is really good about knowing where the “meat-free” spots are that I can put my foods. And if the whole surface has been contaminated I resort to putting down a piece of foil.

  5. sarchan said

    Maybe try par-steaming you tempeh before grilling to avoid hard under-cooked tempeh? Or grill at longer at a lower temperature, and baste a lot with marinade? Did you poke holes in the tempeh before marinating?–I think that can not only help the marinade flavor permeate, but moisten it so that the middle part can kind of steam a little inside when grilling, thereby helping soften it…. Hope at least some of that was helpful. I want that portabello on a bagel for breakfast.

  6. veganhomemade said

    Jennifer – When you get that down please let us all know!

    Bonnie – Marinate! It’s at least better than nothing 🙂

    Sarchan – Thanks for the tips. I’m still relatively new to tempeh. I used to hate it then one day I fell in love and now I want it all the time.

  7. Gina said

    mmm you have inspired me to grill very sooon. i love grilling when it’s nice out…i have a seperate grill i use just for my veg meals 🙂 so that’s helpful and easy. your tempeh looks amazing.

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