Soft Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

First, since I showed you the wedding present I “made” last weekend, I wanted to show you how I wrapped it up, because I think it’s pretty.  I made a card to go inside the real card wishing them a good time on their Vegas honeymoon, and telling them to look inside the box because I’m afraid they’ll see that they’re wine glasses and not look inside and see the extra-specialness.  I know, I’m overthinking it.

wedding present

I wasn’t planning to go so cutesy with it, but once the glue stick was uncapped all restraint went out the door.

I bought too many oats a while back and have been meaning to use them, so I made these Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies from The Village Vegan.  I haven’t shot the obligatory cookie tower photo yet, so here it is.  I can’t decide whether I like the one with flash or without better.  What do you think?

oatmeal raisin cookies

oatmeal raisin cookies

I made a couple adjustments/replacements to the recipe:  I used half quinoa flour, half whole wheat pastry, subbed canola oil for the margarine, used mostly brown sugar only because I was almost out of white, and mashed half a banana for the egg.  I can definitely taste the banana though, so if you’re not down for that use a flax egg or Ener-G or something.  It’ll work either way.  The cookies are good!  Make them.  I’ve heard the recipe from VCON is good too.

eta:  These get omni approval, both from the former roommate who made fun of veganism almost every day we lived together (in a good-natured way), and the bf who said “oatmeal raisin isn’t my cookie of choice, but these are good”.


  1. ashley 79 said

    Ooooooh- soft oatmeal cookies are the best! I think I actually like the photo with flash the best. Without flash makes them look a little washed out in this particular photograph. But either way, they’re cookies- they’ll always looks good!

  2. Jennifer said

    That present looks gorgeous. I’m sure they will LOVE it!

    Those cookies look so good! I’m partial to the one without the flash myself… You get better detail on the cookies.

  3. atxvegn said

    The present and the cookie tower are both beautiful!

  4. Bonnie said

    I like the way you decorated the present! pretty. I’ve been meaning to try that recipe… I prefer the photo without flash – that picture really makes me want to take a bite of one of those cookies…

  5. veganhomemade said

    Thanks, with you guys’ help I have officially decided the photo sans flash is better. They normally are.

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