Creative Sunday

Yesterday I awoke feeling particularly creative.  Creativity for me isn’t really coming up with new ideas or methods that haven’t yet been explored.  It’s much more of the literal translation, meaning I create things, even things that have been made before many times by many people.  I’ll start with the project that actually did entail a bit of thinking outside the box.

Some friends are getting married this weekend, and they had wine glasses on the registry.  I like gifts off registry lists because that way I know the recipient will definitely enjoy the present, but I also like to make it a bit more personalized, so it’s not just “here are the wine glasses from Target in the box they came in”.  I was perusing crafty wedding gift ideas on the internets, and came accross etched glass.  I’ve known there was a product that would create an etched look on glass before, but it’s not really my look.  However, the engaged couple sent out really nicely designed invitations, and it occurred to me that it would be really neat to etch the logo from the invitation onto the glasses.  I was hesitant, as this process would involve me being relatively artistic…I actually considered using the hoakie pre-made wedding stencils from the craft store, but non-hoakiness prevailed, and I purchased a blank stencil and an exacto knife.  All said and done, I am extremely pleased with the result, and hope the happy couple will be as well.  I also hope they don’t read this before Saturday.

etched glasses

On to the food.  I’ve seen a couple blogs that have saved veggie scraps to make broth at the end of the week, so I gave it a go.  Here’s the collection:

veggie stock

Half an onion WAY past its prime, half a serrano pepper, a shallot, a potato skin, and carrot stumps.  I also added kale stems, peppercorns, garlic and bay leaves.


veggie stock

and after, cooling…

veggie stock

You can see the color here.  I tasted it, but as I didn’t salt it I can’t really tell if it’s good.  It’s gotta be at least better than water.

veggie stock

I’m either going to use it tomorrow or freeze it for later.  I’m leaning towards using it, as my freezer is pretty full as is.

I used the kale that I pulled off the stems to try out the kale chips that the whole internet is raving about.  I used this recipe, and I liked them.  You really can’t imagine what they’re going to taste like until you make ’em.  And they kept well in a baggie until today, although they were a bit chewier after sitting.  Still highly edible.  Next time I want to try them with a flavored seasoning, like bbq or spicy.  Can’t say I like them more than plain steamed greens (yet), but who knows how much they’ll grow on me.

kale chipe

On an unrelated note, I told my mom that I bought a melamine monkey plate, and she told me in an unapproving manner that they were meant for children.  And I was like “Yeah, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t have it too!”.  It was $1.99.  The real question is, how could I NOT buy it?

monkey plate

Here’s the monkey hosting my Sunday lunch.

monkey plate

No report on food from today.  I grabbed a falafel hummus pita on the way home from work so that we could get on campus as quickly as possible to get in line to see the Myth Busters speak.  They’re adorable.  And crazy.


  1. Jennifer said

    I actually tried to make my own veggie broth a week or so ago myself. I too wasn’t sure whether or not it was ‘good’. I had frozen my veggie scraps, and then read somewhere that freezing veggies can be bad, so we threw out the broth, but I’m not so sure that’s true.

    I’ve seen those kale chips all over the place. I really like kale so I may have to try it out.

  2. LOVe the monkey plate!

    I make my own broth every weekend from my leftover veggies! You want to use fresh though not frozen

  3. I just discovered your blog and decided that this is the best post ever: you bought a monkey plate! 🙂 How cute is that? And I think you are never old enough to not do what you want (but hey! I’m a spongebob fan, what do *I* know…)

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