I like stretching after exercise, and I really like the triangle pose for the way it stretches my whole body.  I was a little overzealous last night though, and stretched my left side a bit too far.  I felt it when it happened.  I thought “Oh boy, that’s going to hurt tomorrow”.  Then when I woke up with some minor pain this morning I knew it was going to hurt much more later in the day.  And it does.  So I type to you from my couch, heating pad wrapped around my mid-section and laptop in my lap.

For this reason, I was pretty happy that the dinner I had planned was super-quick and easy.  Split pea soup and a roll from the freezer, and the aforementioned squash pickles.

soup & pickles

The squash pickles look pretty much exactly like they did yesterday, but they taste much different.

squash pickles

I’ll call this experiment a 75% success.  They’re definitely edible, in fact they taste good, but I think they can be better.  I’m going to try again soon with the additions of pre-salting & draining the squashes, and garlic and some sort of spice or herb in the liquid.  Then I think we’ll have hit the squash jackpot.


  1. atxvegn said

    A squash jackpot sounds great! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. I’ve been afraid of fondant too, so I thought the little patties would be a good way to test it out. It’s fun!

    Take care of your injury.

  2. Jennifer said

    Oh no! You got a little too into stretching, eh? Ouch! I hope you start to feel better soon! 🙂

    Mmmm that soup and squash pickles sound like the perfect meal. I hope turn out better next time, I’d love to steal your tips and hints for when I attempt to pickle peppers. 😉

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