Local Food, Simple Dinners

I don’t get to the farmer’s market as often as I could, and should.  I forget!  But I remembered last week.  I bought some broccoli, lettuce, organic beets, a canteloupe, mini seedless cucumbers, and a loaf of multigrain bread, and maybe something else that I’m forgetting, all for $15 (the bread alone was $5.50).  Does anyone else notice how local food tastes like dirt?  Maybe I’m crazy, or maybe elsewhere it doesn’t, but I notice that the food I buy at the farmer’s market tastes a bit like dirt, even after a thorough washing.  And I like it.

I don’t plan meals or what I’m going to buy when I go to the market, because you can’t, really.  I just buy what looks good and is in season, and then tend to treat it really simply to just enjoy it as is.  The mini cucumbers kill me, they’re so good, and they go perfectly with hummus.  I was feeling particularly lazy the next day, so I got some store-bought hummus, roasted the beets, and this was dinner.

hummus platter

I was also trying to use up the rest of the aforementioned Esme’s sauce and the beet greens, so last night I did up some pasta with a side salad.  And a glass of wine.  The larger size of Yellowtail Shiraz was on sale for the price the smaller bottle normally runs!

pasta & salad

I’d never had beet greens before, and I like them a lot.  All the green-ness of kale or chard, without any of the bitter.  I’ll probably be eating beet greens whenever possible from now on.

By the by, if you’ve never had the Sabra brand hummus and you see it, buy it.  That is a command. 

It’s so good.  I’ve had classic, roasted garlic, roasted red pepper, and supremely spicy, and they’re all amazing.  I don’t know how they do it.  I’ve looked at the ingredients list and it’s what you would expect of a normal hummus, but something they do to it makes it so good.  Worth the price.

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  1. Janeen said

    Sabra hummus is the junk. Its soo creamy. It will remain one of life’s great mysteries. Do you think they warm the chickpeas before pureeing them or something?

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