30 Minute Meal

Yeah, Rachael Ray is kind of annoying, but sometime’s it’s the only thing on at 6 when I’m exercising, and sometimes she has good ideas I can steal.  My dinner wasn’t RR related, but this one came together quickly.  It was actually closer to 40 minutes because I hadn’t thawed the shells (frozen from late December) completely and after 30 minutes the middle was still a little icy.  I over-steamed the broccoli, but not to the point of mushiness.  Topped it with Esme’s Sauce.  Served with multigrain bread.

stuffed shells

From the true story department:  My friend Jackie called tonight just after 9, frantic because she was in the middle of making vegan cupcakes for a friend’s birthday (she’s non-veg) and didn’t get the soy yogurt the recipe called for.  And she knew I’d have some.  And I did.  So she came over and got it.  I’m the vegan with the crazy stocked pantry you know you can call in the midst of your first vegan baking experience to “borrow” sugar.

I’m working on a blogroll.  It’s taking forever, because I’m obsessive compulsive sometimes and I want to try to get all of them, and there are a lot.  I’m hoping to be done in a day or two and actually start commenting on some of the blogs I like.

P.S.  If you make Esme’s Sauce, which you should, don’t put too much raw garlic in it.  I like garlic as much as the next person, but too much gives it this gross tang.  Not so good.


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  1. Romina said

    As much as I find Rachael Ray annoying, with her little sayings and her freakishly irritating voice, I watch her every morning! I can’t help but be inspired by her. I only watch the cooking parts which are thankfully mostly just at the end.

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