No Pie For You

My strawberry pie did not materialize.  I was going to make Kittee’s strawberry pie recipe and use the crust recipe she recommends.  My dough was really wet though, and I’m still a pie crust novice so I tried to make it work, with a bunch of extra flour for rolling out.  I tried twice since the dough made two crusts worth.  I just couldn’t get the crust in the dang pie plate right.  I got really frustrated, yelled, flung the crappy crust in the trash can, and arranged the berries I planned to use on a plate.  They got eaten just the same.


It’s kinda sad, my mom makes a mean pie crust.  It’s perfect and flaky every time.  I apparently did not inherit this gene.  I need to book my mom for a pie crust lesson one of these days. 

I also made Cheater Baked Beans from VCON.  I wasn’t sure how many people were coming over or how many would want beans, but I doubled the recipe just in case and by the end of the night they were mostly eaten, so it worked out.

cheater baked beans

I added a Tbs sugar and dashes of hot sauce and liquid smoke, and it was very good.

cheater baked beans

Summary:  Cheater Baked Beans are meat-eater approved, and somebody teach me how to make pie crust.  Please.

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