You-Pick Strawberries

A couple days ago my friend Jackie asked if I wanted to go to a you-pick blueberry farm today.  I wasn’t sure at first because I knew last night was going to be a late one, but the more I thought about it the more awesome it sounded.  Then this morning she learned that it wasn’t really blueberry season yet.  So she found a perfectly viable alternative, and we picked some strawberries!  I thought it was going to be expensive at $1 a pound, but how often do you get fresh-from-the-farm strawberries?  Worth it.  I got a bunch – going to make a pie tomorrow, some just for eating, a couple to give away and probably some to freeze.  Filled a whole bucket and it felt like a good 8 to 10 pounds to me, but including a green pepper my total was just under $5.  Sweeeeeet.  Here’s the whole lot.


Then I pulled out some of the prettier ones and tried to get artsy.


This one wasn’t to eat, but he was so cute I had to bring him home.


And this one looks like it’s wearing a hat.


Then I ate ’em.  Then I wondered why I only took shots of single berries, so we had some group action.


I’m hoping to make the pie tomorrow, I’ll post about that too.


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